What is EMPAYG?

EMPAYG is a monetisation platform for digital content. It is to digital reader revenues, what AdSense is to online advertisements. A "pay-as-you-go" subscription and payment option that can be integrated into the website by the publisher with a simple piece of code. It allows charging users based on time spent. EMPAYG handles the login, charge, payments, content, and other parts of the interaction with the help of its widget. PAY AS YOU GO (PAYG) PAYG is the payment method where the charge is synchronised with the consumption of the product (goods or service). For digital content, this would mean micropayments based on usage of different services instead of any upfront charge. Adoption of PAYG model for digital content yield unique benefits for readers and publishers: For readers, no upfront charge provides the flexibility to explore and pay as they consume the content. It does away with the uncertainty over expected usage and value. The charge is based on their usage thu

EMPAYG v. Alternatives

Monetisation is one of the key factors in content distribution. News organizations generate revenue for digital from various sources such as pay-per-view, digital tokens, subscriptions, memberships, bundling, and sponsorships. However, the only two major sources are advertisements and paywall. Existing alternatives include: ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements has been the most successful revenue model on the internet but has reached saturation and restricted the returns to competitive rates. Jon Slade, FT Chief Commercial Officer : It's extremely clear that advertising alone can no longer pay for the production and distribution of high quality journalism—and at the same time the societal need for sustainable independent journalism has never been greater.   Reader-based revenue, aka paid-content, or subscription services, are therefore not just a nice-to-have, but an essential component of a publisher's revenue composition.   EMPAYG provides subscription option as flexible


It works for all forms of content- writing and video, ad-supported and paid-only. It supports multiple revenue streams, so one can set different offerings based on their reader demographics and value propositions. PAYG model generates revenue from the first read itself and does not need any number of free articles (as in metered paywalls). Its ability to cater readers with low usage allows us to set the period (monthly or weekly) prices higher. Significant growth in revenues of publications is expected over existing revenues streams of advertisements and paywall. EMPAYG connects readers and publishers. Publications decide own rate and monthly cap (equivalent to a fix monthly subscription). The product flow is extremely frictionless. Readers do not need a separate account or commitment of fund for every other publication. The subscription and payment is completed simply by logging in with the EMPAYG account. No charge upfront. The readers are charged on the base of Time Spent reading,

Lets start a new web!

Internet is one the most impactful development in human history. Information, which was scarce earlier, is now available at every place and time, and more importantly to every human. But the new age came with new problems. Distance made it difficult to establish trust therefore making monetisation of products and services a challenge. This led to advertisements that led to data collection which led to monopolies. Yet, due to falling revenues from advertisement and paywall problem, providing a service on the web is a tough job. For users, this means low value and high noise. EMPAYG provides an alternative. EMPAYG enable services to charge per the usage. As you use any service, the charge is calculated and transferred to the service from your EMPAYG account. Services can provide a paid option but without any upfront charge thus allowing easy usage and adoption. So, be it quality journalism or any other service, EMPAYG provide websites an alternative where value provided to users is the k